6D Tape – 1 meter strip with instruction manual

$ 20.99

– Drug-free soreness relief
– Easy to apply at home
– Instruction manual included in the package
– Free shipping

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6D Tape is designed for physio- and lymphatic therapy, as well as self-administered care. With the unique 6D Tape handles the tissue can be mobilized in 6 dimensions.

Package contains 1 meter strip of 6D Tape and 6D Tape instruction manual. The products are despatched by letter. Free shipping.


6D Tape is water-resistant. Hypoallergenic adhesive technology is latex-free.

Tape dimensions: 1.9” x 3.3′ / 48 mm x 1 m
Material: 98% cotton
Stretch: 135–170 %
Adhesive: acrylic

6D Tape has CE Class 1 Medical Registration in Europe according to Medical Device Directive MDD 93 / 42 / EEC