6D Tape kinesiology tape with handles

The 6D Tape kinesiology tape with handles is designed for physio- and lymphatic therapy, as well as self-administered care.

Unique 6D Tape handles: The unique 6D Tape handles are designed to mobilize the tissue in 6 dimensions.

Material: The base material is unique and skin friendly kinesiology tape. The kinesiology tape is made of 100 % cotton. It imitates the features of the skin. The material is breathable and water-resistant. The base material is elastic, with 130-140% stretchability. The handle material is non-elastic.

Adhesive: : The adhesive technology is skin sensitive. The acrylic adhesive is strong, hypoallergenic, and latex-free. The adhesive is activated with a gentle rub, and the bond reaches its maximum strength in 15 minutes.

Tape dimensions: 48 mm x 5 m / 1.9 ‘’x 16.4′.  CE Class 1 Medical Registration in Europe according to Medical Device Directive MDD 93/42/EEC

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6D Action Vacuum Massager

6D Action is a vacuum based, i.e. negative pressure-based massage device, and can also be used as an aid for physiotherapy and lymphatic drainage therapy.

6D Action vacuum massager allows not only continuous vacuum suction but also pulsating vacuum suction. The device package includes the main unit, vacuum cable with filter, 6 treatment heads in different sizes, roller treatment head with filter, power cable and carrying bag.

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