6D Tape Method

Applying the 6D Tape Method to physiotherapy
and active self-care

  • Find 6D – Examine the client and evaluate need for treatment.
  • Test 6D – Test the tissue, joint movement, and the direction for the taping.
  • Tape 6DTape the tissue according to the test results. Do not touch the adhesive. Recommendation for stretching the tape is 0 – 15 %.
  • Activate 6D – The client mobilizes the tissue herself or himself several times per day by lifting, twisting, stretching and pushing the 6D Tape handles.

Working with the handles

The unique handles are designed to mobilize the tissue in 6 dimensions. There are plenty of variations of 6D taping techniques depending on desirable results and the object of taping. Feel free to use a combination of traditional kinesiology taping techniques with 6D Tape.

How to use

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6D Tape handletape for physio- and lymphatherapy is a finnish invention.